Friday, July 18, 2008

Non-winning contest submissions

Well, I didn't win the TAC contests... boo. But, I'll keep trying! Already made a submission to send in for this month.

Here are the two submissions from last month.

This first one is a rework of a project I did during Online Seminar:

I love it.. and am kind of bummed out that my pic of Nate is gone... ah well.

This was my submission for totally glam. It took me a long time and I thought it rocked!

I keep analyzing my work.. I think maybe it is TOO involved. I will submit my next items and be a little simpler. Who knows, maybe I'll win one day. Until then, my next order will come out of my pocket dang it :P

In other news, Nate's birthday party is tomorrow. 6 people are unable to come.. which sucks, but we'll still have a good time. I made 2 gfcf-soy, corn free cakes with choc and vanilla icing tonight. They're really not as bad as they sound. We'll also have hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, fruit... basic stuff. Should be fun!


BarbL said...

I LOVE your contest entries! I know how hard it is NOT to be discouraged. I have been entering TAC contests for 12 years and have yet to win one. Now, I DID get one card in the new catalog though! So, keep sending stuff in, you just never know.
Barb L. #103 (AH#1)

StampinCarol said...

Your contest entries are wonderful! And I agree with Barb! Keep entering those contests!

Cindy said...

I love your entries! Keep sending them in they are GREAT!

Cindy said...

You've been nominated for the Brillante Weblog award! Send all you readers to my blog to vote for you!

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