Thursday, May 3, 2012

Over the hump-day

Happy Thursday everyone! I'm so glad tomorrow is FRIDAY! I have some stuff to get done last minute for work this weekend. Other than that, I've definitely finished my IEP writing season which is awesome! We've had an up and down week with the kids so far- lots of not following directions and general terror but if it'll ever just stay sunny outside, I think we'll be okay! 
Here is another Digi item for me to share with you. I'm trying to scrapbook the most current pictures digitally. I will probably make a year 1 scrapbook for X using paper but I don't see myself scrapping everything using paper anymore. Digital is so much easier and portable. I love being able to work on it before bed!

This is page 1 of 2 for X's 2nd birthday. Sam commented how busy the picture is but I love it because it shows everything. I'll share the second page soon! Have a great end of the work week!

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