Saturday, January 31, 2009

New stuff coming.. promise! and an update

Thank you ALL for the well wishes. It's been a crazy week. I've been trying to fight off a bug- maybe what Nate has. Nate is doing better but still running a low grade fever and being very whiny/moody. He is sleeping better- the night after the ER visit he slept for 4 hrs in a 24 hr period, no lie. I've missed a lot of work this week which worries me but Sam and I are both sleep deprived and worried. In addition to an EEG and GI Dr. Visit this week, Nate has an MRI coming up. We're checking for something called Chiari Malformation. It's very rare but my niece actually had it. I saw a video on GMA about a little boy who had severe sleeping problems and developmental delays and after 3 yrs, they found this malformation where basically the brain gets squished. After surgery, he is fine. I'm torn. Not that you want your child to have a defect and need serious surgery, but we've had so many diagnoses and treatments that haven't helped. Sometimes I just want to get the one fixable diagnosis and treatment.. it's been an emotional week!

Anyway, there is some good paper crafting stuff coming your way :) I have something really fun to share tomorrow!! I also got my SU starter kit so I should theoretically be able to create.. but my craft room is a mess so I need to clean first! :)
Here's to great, relaxing weekend for all! HUGS!

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Wendy Bonner said...

I know how you feel. My little boy has Sotos Syndrome, and he was two before I had a diagnosis, and eventhough I didn't want anyhthing to be wrong with him, I relieve to finally have a diagnosis so we could move forward. He is developmentally delayed. He is 5 almost 6 and still doesn't talk. I hope everything works out for the best.

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