Friday, January 23, 2009

Technical Difficulties called LIFE!

Hey all-
I've been neglecting my blog :( Last weekend was the freezing weekend that made it took cold to work downstairs! I did get Amy R's sketch challenge, but never got to post it. I will do that this weekend. I've got a ton of new supplies to use so I WILL get some creative postings this weekend- promise!
I also have left TAC and joined SU. I just wasn't happy with the sudden decisions TAC kept making. Plus SU still has the amazing cardstock and colors. I still love TAC stamps but I just couldn't keep justifying buying just for me!
We went to the doctor's for Nate yesterday. We are not set on the colonoscopy- we will talk to the GI specialist first. However, she wants to check for headaches and inflammation in the joints as possible reasons for night waking. Also, she wants an EEG to check for silent seizures that could be affecting speech. It's just been a long week and actually, we had Monday off!
Well hope to have some positive and creative postings asap!


Jamie Martin said...

Sounds like a tough week. Have fun with SU, I love thier colors :)

Jamie Martin said...

Oops, please excuse the typo above.

Tonya said...

Good luck with SU.

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