Friday, January 16, 2009

Quick Update

Nothing crafty yet.. my craft room is in the basement (which IS finished) but still is cold as all get out! Therefore, I am not going to be down there because we're actually in the negatives here. They cancelled school today because of the chill (us southerners aren't used to it I suppose :). I'm also off Monday for MLK Jr. Day- yay for impromtu 4 day weekends!
On the Nate front, he started a new med to help with sleep- it is helping. Not thrilled but we're desparate! Doc suspects stomach issues causing him to wake so he may have to have an endoscopy (go down the throat and into stomach) and colonoscopy. Scary. We will speak with the GI dr on Feb 4 about this.
Keep us in your prayers! I will get some crafting done as soon as it's warm


Anonymous said...

Lucky you getting a craft day and a 4 day weekend!
I will be thinking of your family re Nate's problems xx

Vickie said...

We had a four day weekend as well. Love them canceled days.

Praying for Nate.


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