Monday, July 16, 2012

Catching up..

So, I've been contemplating this blog post for like 2 weeks. June was an insanely busy month. Though I wrapped up the school year on June 7, we went straight to Williamsburg that day. We had a lot of fun at Busch Gardens and Water Country USA! It was great despite the fact Nate didn't sleep well there at all. We ended up coming back a little earlier than planned but he had a great time at Water Country. The resort we stayed at was literally next door so it was nice to be able to get up, go over, and come back after 4-5 hrs.
The week after we got back, we had a week long Science and Math Teaching institute at Randolph College. The following week, I spent all week preparing for my comprehensive exams to officially graduate with my M. Ed. I honestly feel like I finished 4 yrs ago since what was left was just tying up loose ends. However, it's very good to be officially done!
On June 29, the derecho (read HUGE WIND STORM!!) hit Lynchburg hard. It was rough. We were part of a small area with power- about 100,000 people near us were without power, including my parents who were without power for a week! Anyway, the morning after it hit was the day my comps were scheduled for. I and the other 4 people taking it was determined to do it. So we hand wrote it by window light and got it done.
Then, on July 7 I helped plan a 40th birthday for my bff. I spent most of that week running errands and creating some decor. It was good but hectic. July 9, my parents went on vacation and we watched their dogs for a week. Nate also decided he didn't need to sleep more than 1-2 hrs at a time so we were drained. Finally, July 16, we're getting back to some normalcy... except that our backyard is a giant mud pit as we're putting in an in ground pool in an effort to help Nate with his sensory needs!
So, even with all this I have found time to do some crafting and some soul searching. We're trying to figure out our future and where we're going. This includes Nate's educational needs, his life skills, X's needs, and our needs. We're back in a tough spot as Sam does not have a job for this school year. Long story short, he would've been better remaining in the position he started last year at. The economy is brutally tough and we're victims. If worse comes to worse, which it is looking like it will, Sam will have to work with my Dad at the steel shop. My Dad has been welding and building for well over 30 yrs and I have tremendous respect for him. However, the point of Sam getting his college degree was to open up his job opportunities and his ability to get a job. So far, the trend continues that no one really wants to hire a male teacher in elementary in this area. I have a lot of anger about this that I'm trying to let go but it is hard. Sam is extremely dedicated to teaching and its a shame that he can't find a school that will embrace him.
So the next few weeks before the school year starts will continue to be hectic. I'll continue to work on getting myself emotionally in a better place and hopefully all will work out in the end!
I'll be posting some crafty stuff soon- I've made some cute cards and a wreath that I hope you'll all like!

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