Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Monday- don't forget to rock the vote!!

Hi yall!

Happy Monday! I didn't get to do any paper crafting yesterday. Nate had a rough night the night before so Sam and I took turns napping :) My crafting area is downstairs and Nate constantly tries to go up and down the stairs. Yes, Nate should be able to do stairs okay but these stairs are steep and since we have a rancher and don't have stairs on the main floor, he isn't comfortable with them. Anyway, I did get to do some digiscrapping!

I have been trying NOT to digiscrap. I wanted to stick to traditional scrapping. But, time after time I have been so exhausted that I don't go downstairs at night. Scrapping takes a lot of work! Plus, I wanted to do scrap calendars for the grandparents for Christmas and I am running short on time. So, I've been playing around and this last weekend was digital scrapbooking day so there were lots of freebies!! I thought I'd share a sample with yall though they are hush hush from the grandparents whom I don't think read my blog anyway :)

Digielements and paper: Jen Wilson's The Merry Days of Christmas, number 6.
This is January's, obviously :) These were pics from our first and only snow of the year. I got this kit last year when it was offered as a freebie. I couldn't do anything with it until I got Adobe PSE on this computer. Anyway, it is a gorgeous kit and I'm excited to use it! I need to learn how to make drop shadows, etc. I'm still very basic, but I think this is a good thing. Maybe I'll get all of Nate's stuff scrapped now (though I am finishing up his second year album by hand.. I can't stand mixing both!)
In other news, PLEASE rock the vote tomorrow. I have a preferred candidate in mind BUT it's so important that no matter who you vote for, you vote. Make an informed decision about who you think is best for our country. I pray that no matter who wins, they can lead our country into the right direction. Just get out there and vote!
Finally, I probably won't be posting tomorrow or the next day since Nate has adnoid surgery tomorrow :( I've definitely been trying to post more and am loving it- plus I've gotten to see some other great blogs made by people leaving comments! Anyway, wish us luck and pray that this surgery isn't too painful for him... I'm a wreck either way!
Hugs and love- boy is election night going to be tense!

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