Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My one and only blog comment on the election..

First off, I am super happy and excited by the results. Obama has inspired me and gives me the warm fuzzy safe feeling that Bush never did for me. I did get brought to tears when he won and during the concession speech when he urged us all to unite.

I was scared he wouldn't win. I was turning into one of those people that I hate- that can't stand to hear anyone elses point of view (Even though I never said anything to anyone but Sam). I was getting so frustrated and worried. BUT, yesterday I made a promise to myself and prayed that no matter who won, it would be the right person. I had nothing against McCain except getting tired of local supporters bad mouthing Obama as a traitor to our country and the "anti-Christ" (well and his financial plans :). I also did not necessarily think Palin was ready but I think she will do great things in the future, especially for families with children that have special needs. Anyway, I knew that whoever won would be the best person and part of God's plan.

Seeing him being elected gives me hope. I know this sounds cliche but I can look at my kids from low Socio-economic backgrounds, my kids that are mixed, my kids that are black, white, whatever color, and honestly feel like they will have a better future. I studied African American studies, my minor. I researched and read history and literature for 4 years of my life. To see what these people, black and white, suffered and sacrificed for come to fruition... it's amazing. I just know that this will break so many barriers.

I know he's only human and he will not be perfect. I will not agree with everything he says and does. But, I know that finally, all of my kids and so many of my families will feel as equals for the first time in their lives and I can't help but think the climate of our country will improve significantly in the next decade.

God Bless everyone- no matter who you voted for and no matter how you feel. I can only hope that our future President will embrace the talents of his former opponents in helping raise our country out of a desperate time.

**Edited to Add** The negativity surrounding his victory is not surprising, but still disgusting. I could go on for days about what I've read at foxnews... it disturbs me deeply. I sincerely hope that this is a new beginning in a new government where the talents of everyone, no matter their party, are used to bring us back together.


Christina said...

I am so thankful that I live in a state that is not negative about this election's results. I think this outcome is a step in the right direction for our country!

Bridgett said...

It is nice to hear your comments about the election result without bad-mouthing any of the candidates.

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