Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Surgery- check, Voting- check...

Just a quick note to let ya'll know about today. Nate had his adnoid surgery and is fine. Coming out from the anesthesia was rough BUT since grammy and poppy got him the kid tough dvd player, we had the backyardigans to calm him down. He did so well, that on the way home we stopped to vote. On the way in to surgery, there was a line but on the way home, things had calmed down significantly. Nate is somewhat grouchy but he's eaten well and been drinking. Of course, they gave him some good pain meds so who knows what will happen when that wears off! I am off tomorrow- took a personal day, just in case today was rough. Therefore, I'll be following the election closely. It was good to see so many people at the polls!

I will hopefully create and share tomorrow!

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