Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's a sunny day..

I am actually feeling MUCH better finally. I am still coughing some, and congested a little but after a scare on Thursday at work (wasn't breathing well), I went back to the Drs and they said I had bronchitis. They gave me an inhaler because my peak levels were low. However, I have a shrunken lung on the left side due to Lupus so I don't know if my peak levels were lower because of that or the bronchitis or both. Anyway, all in all, finally getting over this awful virus/infection.

So, since Fall seems to have hit here in Central Virginia FINALLY, we took Nate outside to get some pics. 72 pictures later, here are a couple of my favorites:

Nate sitting in the Wagon by his pumpkins.. he would barely sit still today!

Smiling in the Wagon..

Running Like a Madman

Stopping to stare at the camera

Standing near the pumpkins

During this whole time, Nate talked nonstop.. he was so happy to be outside. He also tried desperately to rid our yard of leaves lol and put them in our neighbor's yard (sorry Mark and Beth!!). It's amazing how much growth he's made. While he is still behind, he continues to be more alert, vocal, and happy each day. Well, until he gets his adnoids out on election day... yes, we're getting that done. It will be a rough week I'm sure but well worth it if we can stay healthier and with less sinus infections!!

Hope everyone has a great week and hope to have more to share soon!!

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