Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nate play day and my clean craft space!

Nate in Grammy's Car, Chillin..

Well, my Mom came over and brought my nieces, Sadie and Maddie, and my cousin Taylor to play with Nate. Maddie and Taylor were down for the weekend visiting. Nate had fun playing outside (as usually). He spends at least 1-2 hrs each day outside just running around, picking up leaves from the driveway and throwing them in the grass. He is a nature buff already!

Nate being pulled by his cousin Taylor with Maddie behind him.
Nate being pulled by Maddie.

Nate hanging out on his play gym.

Nate enjoyed himself.. and showed his Redskin Pride! :) I also finished organizing my craft space yesterday and wanted to share some pics of it with you!

This is the view when you come down the basement stairs. I work primarily at the easel table and se the long table as well.

This is my new embelishment center and cd/stamp storage. I put my punches all across the top. Now that I cleaned up, I definitely feel more creative!

Hope you enjoy a peak into my life... we're busy all the time but I am so glad to have my crafting and my very happy son!! :) (and hubby and family too!)

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Mary said...

Kelley - what a beautiful little boy! They grow up so fast..... And I LOVE your space - I have a little 6x9 room that is just getting more crowded by the minute - Like little bunnies (and not just dust bunnies!) It is nice to see things are going a little better - have a wonderful day and hug that precious little man!

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