Saturday, April 7, 2012

Angels among us...

So today was an interesting day. A stressful trip to Target made a surprisingly good turn. After having N and X both act like crazy men and getting stuck behind a lady with a bag full of coupons, I could not find my check card. So I'm looking and stressing- it was getting busy. They decided to suspend the transaction so I can look and take the next person. A-OK with me. However, the next person pays for my entire order! $145!! I was in shock and really, kind of ashamed. We're don't need it nearly as much as others. I couldn't believe the kindness. She said "enjoy your day!" and I walked out feeling truly humbled. The rest of the day was a little more stressful as the kids continued to run amuck. However, the trim got painted and lots of things finished in the main room of the basement. On top of that, the stairs were carpeted. Our next mission is flooring followed by cleaning- throwing away, donating, saving. We have way too much crud back there! Happy Easter! I will be paying it forward as we remember why we celebrate this event.

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Things I Love..

  • My Family
  • My Beautiful Boys!
  • My Dogs (all 5 of em!)
  • Stamping
  • Scrapbooking
  • Chocolate
  • Shoes and Purses!