Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Busy Busy Worker Bees...

Today continued more work in the basement. I cleaned up part of the previously finished side so the kids could have a more open area to play. The other half still has a bunch of crud- tools, drywall, and items I haven't gone through or taken to the craft room. In all honesty, this may wait until after May 3rd- the day of my final exam.
Here are pics of the newly finished side. We still have to paint the doors (and put the doors in front of the furnace). I brought down a lot of toys so it's starting to fill up!
And here is the future craft room/study! I have to get countertop on my cabinets and actually bring a lot of my stuff over. I'm excited! I love the color and I love the flooring! It's pergo we found at ollie's. It helps lighten up the basement since there is limited light.
So we still have to: 1- Put drywall up on the adjoining wall from the previously finished room to the newly finished room (the previously finished room was panel) 2- Finish the laundry room/crate area/mudroom 3- Complete the bathroom It's been over 3 yrs since we first even started the basement! It's been a lot of work courtesy of my Dad and Sam. I am so happy with it! I will be back Friday to post more digiscrapbook pages! Happy Hump Day!

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Kyra said...

It looks beautiful! Good job, you guys!

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