Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Evolution of the Craft Room

I was really lacking energy to get the craft room all set up after the massive cleaning and purging from the basement. However, I found my second wind on Saturday! First thing Saturday I finished my final big project for my M.Ed! PTL! I was really putting it off but it was hanging over my head a lot. So anyway, all I have left is a final in the class and comprehensive exams. Once that was done, I had a HUGE burst of energy! I worked that night and then today setting up the craft room: i.e. bringing things over, getting rid of things etc. I still have A LONG way to go but we've made progress! My Dad and Sam went to Lowes and got a wooden door to make my work area. I also got a few things hung on the wall. I still need to put up my vinyl wall saying and make some art to go on the walls but it's turning out good! My "Our dreams give us wings plaque" above the closet door
The desk and the "craft owl" in the window. Also hung up my making memories wall organizer!
My new workspace! YAY!!
The paper/stamp storage. Still working out on how to have this organized best...
My really cute button plaque: I added ribbon to make it colorful.
Another clearance find!
I am super happy with how things are going!! I'll continue to work on it here and there but the next month will be super busy with meetings, etc. I know I promised more digi pages and will try and get more shared this week. Thanks for looking!

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